Discover the McMeans Difference: How Independent Pharmacies Serve You Better

Best Drug Stores – Consumer Reports 2011

Many people believe that their fastest, cheapest option for pharmacy care is the big box store, retail chains or mail order outlets. Here are some facts to consider about why you should try  McMeans Pharmacy to discover our difference: in care, cost and convenience!

No more waiting in long lines.

At McMeans Pharmacy, you won’t be stuck waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

No more fighting over parking spaces.

 McMeans Pharmacy are purposely situated in convenient locations for community residents – many are along the town or city’s main thoroughfare, with convenient street or easy-access lot parking.

Comparable prices to the “other guys.”

Our independent pharmacy model is based on smart, practical business tools, such as lower material costs, labor and overhead, which allows us to offer our customers the same or lower pricing on their prescriptions, 99% of the time.

You know where your medication is coming from – with no hidden fees.

Do you know where mail-order outlets ship their medications from? Every outlet can be different and far reaching. In addition, it’s critical that you’re aware of any hidden costs in the fine print with mail-order options, especially with some medical plans.

Exceptional care to every customer – that’s our promise.

At McMeans Pharmacy, we treat every customer individually, and will not hurry you out of the store if you need to talk with a pharmacist or have additional questions that need to be answered. We are your healthcare partner.

Why do 95% of our customers keep coming back to us? Check us out and you’ll see why. We look forward to meeting you!